The Evolution of Kashmiri Pheran- A timeless beauty

As winter approaches and the temperatures begin to fall below zero, it is
time to spruce up your winter wardrobe with something stylish but cozy
and warm. Choosing anything that combines both comfort and style can
be difficult, especially for the winter season! However, with their traditional
winter clothing, the pheran, the people of Kashmir have long since found a
solution to this issue.

The pheran is remarkably similar to Central Asian apparel in appearance
and feel, which is why it was named after the Persian word pheran, which
translates to "a shirt." Since the dawn, the pheran has been an essential
component of Kashmiri culture.

A genuine Kashmiri pheran is covered with lovely valley needlework
between a cloak and a long coat. The pheran, or phiran, is the traditional
clothing worn by Kashmiri men and women throughout the winter to keep
their bodies warm. It is a loose cloak made of wool or tweed with no side
splits and freely gathered at the arms.

Depending on how it was worn, the pheran in ancient times served as a
clear indicator of social level. The pheran had straight sleeves for the lower
and middle classes, while the elite class wore one with Korab (folded)
sleeves. However, the Kashmiri culture underwent a substantial and
enlightening transformation that mainly removed the class barriers, and
over time, this change was mirrored in how individuals dressed. To
eradicate what needed to be eliminated, the younger generations bid
goodbye to the idea of social classes altogether, and everyone began
wearing straight-sleeved pheran.

Because of its timeless appeal, the tradition, which began as a regional
custom, is now being embraced by people worldwide. Men and women
both wear these traditional garments. Men's pherans are often made of
tweed or wool and are plain, but women's pherans have developed from
simple cloaks to gorgeously adorned fashion statements, from coarse
fabrics to velvets and soft wools. Each pheran is adorned with the beauty of
exquisite Kashmiri embroidery, especially by Tilla and Aari, transforming
the embellishments into an art form. The first Is typically created on a
velvet base and worn by Muslim brides during their Nikah, while the second Is ideal for curling up in ethnic style on casual days and at

Pherans have witnessed a significant evolution in terms of the colours and
textiles they are made of and how people in Kashmir perceive winters. In
the past, the colors of the pheran—blacks, greys, whites, and
browns—were used to depict the gloomy skies and depressing weather
that winters were known for. However, the current generation feels these
hues heighten the melancholy atmosphere. Over the last decade. this
season began to take on color as a result of which, people started
accessorizing this outfit with Kashmiri scarves, stoles, and shawls. The
traditional pheran Is still there, but the colors are now more vibrant. Bleak
and gloom are no longer the colors associated with winter.

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